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Women With Tattoos

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chest tattoo womenActually, it is not a new thing for women to get tattoos or "inked" as it frequently called. Women have been getting tattoos for thousands of years, and despite the fact we think tattoos have been an art practiced only on men, in some cultures only the women get tattoos. In some of these cultures the women get the tattoos as a way to show off various skills, like basket weaving, food gathering and to show they are suitable for marriage.

The word tattoo means "to get marked" and comes from the Tahitian word "Tattau" but today people who love tattoos commonly refer to it as body art.

Tattooing has gone through its ups and downs over the approximate twelve thousand years it has been estimated it has been practiced, and has been banned many times in different cultures for periods of time. However, it appears that tattooing is here to stay, whenever it has been banned, it just seems to go underground and when things cool down it resurfaces again.

Up until the early last century there was a huge stigma associated with tattoos, which prevented western women in particular, from getting a tattoo Times have changed, and women will no longer be told what they can and cannot do, and where 40 or 50 years ago only 10 percent of western women had tattoos, it's now close to 60 percent.

Why women get tattoos:

A survey on "Cruiser" shows that forty three percent of women think its sexy, fifteen percent think its trendy, thirteen percent to attract a guy and twelve percent for personal reasons. Women often opt for a tattoo after a marriage breakup or divorce as a way of showing their independence.

Tattooing for women is growing at a tremendous rate, the days of having a tattoo hidden in a place where it would not be seen except by a husband or partner has gone.. Women are proud of their tattoos and love showing them off. Women often participate in the design process, rather than just pick a ready to wear design. that everyone else has, they will spend much more time deciding on the design they wish to have done, or in fact work with the artist to design an original, to get exactly the tattoo they want.

The more popular tattoo designs chosen by women are:

1. Floral Design Tattoos

2. Angel Tattoos

3. Unicorn Tattoos

4. Butterfly Tattoos

5. Fairy Tattoos

6. Dragonfly tattoos

7. Shooting Stars

Where do women put their tattoos?

Women generally choose smaller tattoos although this trend is beginning to change as women become more comfortable with themselves and the idea of body art. The most popular parts of the body where women put their tattoos are the, lower back, the ankles, the wrist, the buttocks and the tummy area.

On a health note, women getting a tattoo is no different to men getting a tattoo, so, make sure that the tattoo premises, the needles and environment are sterile and the procedure is performed by a professional, insist that the needle is removed from its sterile package in front of you and this should be done wearing sterile gloves. If you are having a henna tattoo get proof from your artist that he /she is using top quality pure brown henna and not the dangerous black henna, which can cause serious scarring and lifelong health issues.

A tattoo is meant to last forever, and can be a very expensive and painful thing to remove, so before you have one, make sure to select a design you will be able to live with for the rest of your life. . Select an artist not only with a huge range of designs, but who can also customize your design for you, and remember the smaller and more intricate the design the more expensive it is likely to be.